Where Will Your Subaru Lead?

If there were to be one unifying trait among Subaru drivers, it is the continued search for the next exciting endeavor in their lives. Regardless of hobbies, pastimes, backgrounds, and more every driver throughout the Lafayette area is eager to set out on the adventures ahead, and make the most of all that lies in the future. If you are in command of a new Subaru model like the exceptional WRX, you'll be able to enjoy the roads to a fuller extent than many other drivers.


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Whether you're chasing a picturesque sunset, running errands, or simply enjoying the company of friends, a Subaru WRX will prove to be an exceptional addition to your driving life. Turbocharged power, dynamic handling, and legendary performance all combine to make the Subaru WRX one of the most impressive models available, yet again.

With an incredible selection of new Subaru models, including the new WRX and WRX STI, Giles Subaru is prepared to help you find the right vehicle for the years ahead. Once you get hands-on with the new Subaru models that appeal to you most, you'll quickly come to understand the advantages offered by the WRX and will easily emerge as the ideal vehicle for your future. In no time you'll be enjoying the excitement of the Lafayette area and beyond in command of an exceptional new Subaru model.

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