Hop on Board for Travis Pastrana's Record-Setting Run at Subaru's Climb to the Clouds Event

With this 360-degree footage, you can click on the video and move around the camera angle. How cool is that?! Take a peek over the edge of the mountain while Pastrana negotiates the dirt section!

Once every three years or so, Subaru teams up with the Sports Car Club of New Hampshire and the Mt. Washington Auto Road caretakers for the Climb to the Clouds event, which is one of the oldest motorsports events in the U.S. It's older- and, as a matter of fact, much scarier- than Pikes Peak!

Mt. Washington vs. Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is more of a racetrack, with the challenge of getting an engine (and human!) to breathe well in a very high altitude. Mt. Washington is more of a rally stage, with the challenge of not slipping over the edge of the cliff and dying. Mt. Washington has a much narrower road, more technical twists and turns, and is a steeper grade for the length of the course.

Mt. Washington Recent Records

The new record stands with Pastrana, for this 5 minute, 44.72-second run!

David Higgins, Subaru Rally Team USA driver, had owned the Mt. Washington record since 2011, when he reached the top in 6 minutes, 11.54 seconds. That beat Pastrana's unofficial 2010 record of 6 minutes, 20.47 seconds.

In 2014, Higgins got the time down to 6 minutes, 9.09 seconds. He wanted to break the 6 minute mark this year, but unfortunately went off the road on his first run. Happily, he was in a decent spot for it so he's alive and well, but his car couldn't finish the day.

The Subarus

Subaru's rally team management, Vermont SportsCar, worked very long and hard to get these WRX STI-based rally cars ready for the hill climb. The engines churn out over 600 horsepower, which is almost twice the cars' regular spec for the rally season.

The Subaru WRX models in our inventory may not produce 600+ horsepower, but we promise they're actually much more fun to drive as they are! (600 horsepower can make a car rather...finicky.) Come visit our showroom and test drive a WRX if you're looking for an energetic drive.

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