Selection and Value - Find Your Perfect Used Vehicle in Lafayette


When you're in the market for a vehicle upgrade, or just a change of pace, and you don't want to take on the sometimes-hefty payments associated with a brand-new, current-model year vehicle, then a used vehicle deal is right up your alley. At Giles Subaru, we have a great selection of pre-owned vehicles to choose from, with a variety of makes, models, and styles to choose from.

As your local Subaru home for brand-new models, it comes as no surprise that our pre-owned lot is jam-packed with a nice selection of various used Subaru models. But, we also have a number of other popular brand names available at special, used-vehicle prices, including Nissan, Toyota, and Volvo.

If you're shopping around for a new vehicle, and you're not sure whether a new or a used model is the right route for you, let our Giles Subaru sales team help. We can introduce you to our extensive collection of available models, help you narrow down your choices, and explain all of the perks and benefits of buying used versus buying new.

Still need more reasons to shop for a used vehicle with Giles Subaru? Consider this:

  • When you buy a used model, you can score an upper trim that's decked out with all of the latest bells and whistles you're looking for, but at a much more budget-friendly price compared to a new model.
  • Shopping for a used vehicle also helps you avoid the drastic and rapid depreciation vehicles go through when they're new, meaning you won't have to absorb that depreciation because you weren't the first owner to drive it off the lot.

To learn more about our used vehicle collection, including our hard-to-beat special deals on used vehicles and the various reasons why we think pre-owned vehicles offer a great value, stop by and visit us in person, on Johnston Street in Lafayette.

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