Giles Subaru Tips and Tricks for Successful Auto Maintenance

Here in the Lafayette area, when you want to care for your high-quality Subaru model, the best choice for maintenance is always the professional service center at Giles Subaru. Our technicians are trained and certified on Subaru engineering, and we strive to make maintaining your vehicle easy and efficient. If you're wondering what the best steps are for getting the most out of your Subaru investment, we can help.

The Giles Subaru service center at our Lafayette dealership is always your best choice for Subaru maintenance, because we can perform all routine services, as well as occasional repairs, with expertise and professionalism.

If you're just getting started down your Subaru maintenance road, we can help you set up a timeline for repairs and appointments, and help you understand which types of services are important. Use our online scheduling form to book your appointments. Once you set up an account with this convenient, online system, it will track your service appointments and keep you up-to-date on your maintenance needs.

For example, when you're looking ahead at the service needs for your Subaru, consider these tips from our expert technicians:

  • Oil changes. This essential routine maintenance keeps your engine, and your entire car, running smoothly. This service should be performed at regular intervals, around every 3,000-5,000 miles. Our team can help you set up the perfect schedule for your model.
  • Tire rotations. Another vital routine appointment, getting your tires rotated regularly ensures you're getting the most out of your tire investment, and that your tires are wearing evenly.
  • Seasonal appointments. When the seasons change, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a checkup, and letting our techs go over the vehicle and make sure all your important systems (such as brakes and windshield wipers) are in good shape and able to keep you safe on the roads.

Schedule your appointment with our service center soon and let us help you set up your vehicle for a lifetime of running great and keeping you safe.

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