Routine maintenance such as oil changes are essential to keeping any vehicle running great for a long time, including your high-quality, meticulously crafted Subaru model from Giles Subaru. If you're looking for the best maintenance shop to get you vehicle's regularly scheduled oil changes performed, look no further than the dealership where you bought your vehicle. Look to the Subaru experts in the service center at Giles Subaru.

The technicians in our service center are trained and certified by Subaru to be the best maintenance option for Subaru engineering in the greater Lake Charles and Alexandria area. This means we can perform all of your vehicle's service appointments quickly, efficiently, and expertly. We make sure your Subaru is in tiptop shape and performing at its best with every service appointment you make with us.

One of the most important services you can get with us is your periodic oil changes. The manufacturer recommends you get this done at regular intervals, typically every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, and our technicians can do it quickly and get you back to your regular schedule in no time.

As you drive your Subaru around the Opelousas and New Iberia area, your engine starts to pick up gunk and grime from the roads. This can make your oil dirty, which, in time, slows down engine performance. When you get a routine oil change, the dirty, old oil is drained from your vehicle and new, fresh oil is put in.

Visit us soon in Lafayette to take advantage of the expert Subaru care our service center provides. In addition to routine oil changes, you can also schedule a number of other important services with us, including:

  • Tire rotations
  • Brake inspections and repairs
  • Heating and cooling checkups

Plus, much more. Schedule your appointment soon and see how easy it is to take care of your Subaru, and help it run great for a long time, with help from the Giles Subaru service center.

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