Subaru Refines the Forester for 2017

This year’s Forester model is keeping its identity but enjoying a makeover. Subaru restyled the front fascia, including the bumper and grille. Its exterior revisions are stylish updates, but there’s more to be excited about.

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The 2017 Forester includes a standard rearview camera, so you’ll always have excellent visibility when backing out of a parking space. Also new on the 2017 Forester: better soundproofing. The ride in the Forester is quieter and more comfortable than ever before. Keyless access is also standard on the Touring trim, along with a heated steering wheel which is a lovely touch for winter mornings that are just a little too chilly.

Subaru now offers EyeSight Driver Assist on the 2017 Forester. This package is a fantastic layer of protection for you and your family. It includes:

  • Adaptive cruise control
    • Set a safe distance from the car in front of you, and EyeSight will adjust your cruising speed to maintain that distance.
  • Lane keep assist
    • EyeSight monitors your position in your lane and will alert you if you start to veer outside your lane markers.
  • Pre-collision throttle management
    • EyeSight will reduce power from the Forester’s engine if it detects a potential collision, so it can minimize the damage in the event of an accident.
  • Pre-collision braking
    • EyeSight can alert you to potential collisions and even apply full brakes to avoid or reduce impacts.
  • High beam assist
    • The 2017 Forester can automatically switch between high and low beams when it senses an oncoming vehicle.
  • Blind-spot detection
    • This system alerts you to vehicles and objects in your blind spots, although with the Forester’s amazing visibility, you’re likely to notice them yourself anyway.

Check out all these new features for yourself! We’d love for you to come in and test drive a Subaru Forester and see how you like it.

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