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We genuinely care about all of our customers in the greater Lafayette area and not everyone realizes how important auto service can be for keeping your vehicle on the road for an extended period of time without needing costly car repair. This is why we stress to everyone the importance of sticking to a strict schedule for auto service and vehicle maintenance. Our center for Subaru auto service in Lafayette has been a long standing resource for Subaru service and advice for drivers in the area. If you are in need of auto repair in Lafayette, Giles Subaru is the place to go. Our equipment, facility and staff are top of the line and we look forward to improving your vehicle and brightening your day!

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Our online service appointment form can be quickly filled out to schedule auto service or car repair in Lafayette from the comfort of your own home in New Iberia. You will be glad you chose Giles Subaru to resolve your vehicle's issues correctly the first time!  

We look forward to working with you and your car. We have years of experience performing auto service and car repair on vehicles from all over the Lake Charles and Opelousas area and are fully prepared to answer all of your questions. When you need to get your car fixed quickly and correctly think Subaru repair in Lafayette; we won't let you down.

Unsure of when to visit Giles Subaru in Lafayette for Auto Service or Car Repair?

It will be very evident when you need to come and visit us for car repair. Maybe your car won't start or the steering feels off or it is making a very weird noise. However, we want to make sure that this doesn't ever happen to new Subaru owners in the Alexandria area. To prevent repair work we suggest not falling behind on auto service appointments. 

Subaru Service Center Hours
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Service Center Phone: (866) 999-7557

Always Improving our Auto Service & Car Repair Customer Service in Lafayette | Serving Alexandria

At Giles Subaru we want to provide everyone in the greater Lafayette area with stellar auto service and car repair. We are always open to suggestions for how we could improve your experience with us. Maybe there is something you would like to be able to do while waiting for your car to be worked on, contact us today and let us know! In addition to being trained and certified to fix and repair your Subaru or other make vehicle we want to make sure our auto service staff is good with people and can describe the auto service or car repair work to you regardless of the level of knowledge you have about mechanics.


Service FAQs: How to keep your Subaru running longer and stronger

If you're a Subaru owner, you know from firsthand experience that Subaru models are very reliable. But at Giles Subaru in Lafayette, LA, we know you may not realize just how reliable Subaru vehicles are. 96% of all Subaru vehicles sold in the last ten years are still on the road. You can help your Subaru maintain its renowned reliability with regular factory-recommended service. Here are some guidelines to follow.

What should I do to keep my Subaru running well?

Every Subaru is a precision machine with hundreds of moving parts, often going at very high speed. All that motion can cause friction that has the potential to gradually shorten the life of critical components like your brakes, your tires and even your engine. To help give your engine a longer life, the most essential task is a regularly-scheduled oil change. It might be the most valuable thing you can do for the health of your Subaru.

Why is an oil change so important?

Simply by moving through the air - as it's meant to do - your Subaru picks up tiny invaders like dirt, grime and microscopic metal fragments. The unwanted guests can work their way inside your engine and gradually do a lot of damage to components. Quality motor oil sweeps up the dirt and grime and flushes it away from your engine with every oil change. The old oil then gets replaced with fresh new oil to lubricate and refresh your engine.

How often should I change my oil?

While the rule of thumb with conventional oils in the past was every 3,000 miles, today's more refined synthetic oils can be changed every six months or 6,000 miles. If your Subaru hasn't traveled 6,000 miles in a six-month period, it's best to go ahead and change your oil at the six-month mark. Oil breaks down naturally as you drive around your home in New Iberia or Opelousas, LA, so it needs to be replaced.

Does my Subaru need brake service?

Subaru recommends replacing your brake linings and pads every 30,000 miles. That number could vary depending on how you drive and the kinds of roads you're driving on. If you make sudden hard stops while you're running errands in Alexandria or Lake Charles, LA, that will wear out your brakes faster. For longer brake life, it's better to give yourself enough time and distance to stop safely and step on the brake pedal more gradually.

What does it mean if I hear a squeak when I use my brakes?

That usually means your brake pads are wearing out. As soon as you hear that sound, it's a good idea to bring your Subaru to our service center for a check. If you replace your brake pads early enough, you can avoid also wearing our your brake rotors, which are more expensive to replace.

How do I know my battery needs changing?

One simple sign: Does your engine crank slowly when you start it in the morning? That suggests your battery is nearing its retirement. But your battery can be wear out without being so obvious about it. Corrosion might be building up on the cables, or your battery might simply be getting old. We can check your battery's charging power, clean the cables and install a brand new one when it's time for a replacement.

Why is it important to rotate my tires?

Because of your engine, the front of your Subaru is heavier than the back, so your tires will wear unevenly. Rotating your tires with every oil change helps your tires wear more evenly, so they last longer while keeping you safer. Ask us to set up a program of regular maintenance for your Subaru based on your vehicle and how you drive. At Giles Subaru, we're committed to your safety and the long-term health of your car.

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