At Giles Subaru, we're passionate about helping those in our larger Lafayette, LA area. That's why we're proud to support the Local Louisiana Community through our Subaru Feeding America initiative. We believe that no one should go hungry and are proud to have helped provide nearly 223,000 meals through our Subaru Feeding America initiative to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana. With the help and support of our customers and members of the New Iberia community, we've been able to donate an additional 15,000 meals in support of such great charities in our area.

With so many people out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's more important than ever to band together and help individuals and families in need. Before the pandemic began, Subaru of America already donated 50 million meals a year. However, with such an increased need of food and support for people around Opelousas, Subaru is committing more than ever before, and you can help. Along with Subaru retailers across the country, Subaru is donating an additional 100 million meals through the Feeding America initiative, helping more individuals and families in our Alexandria community to not go hungry.

How Can I Help Subaru Feed America?

If you're interested in helping to support the Feeding America initiative, you can donate online at or come see us in person. A $1 donation can help provide at least 10 meals through the Feeding America initiative on behalf of local member food banks like the ones around Lake Charles. We also encourage you to contact us online or over the phone if you have any questions about donating or supporting the Feeding America initiative here in Lafayette, LA.

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