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Make your car last

Maintaining Your Subaru in Lafayette, LA

You don’t drive a Subaru because you want to be the fastest on the road — you do it because you want an affordable, reliable vehicle that is going to last for years, decades even. At Giles Subaru, we understand that the car you buy today needs to last you a long time. People who purchase these vehicles see them hit 200,000 miles or more, depending on how long they hang onto them. So, how can you keep yours on the road that long?

Defensive Driving

One of the first places to start with maintaining the reliability of your vehicle is to focus on defensive driving. This isn’t just about keeping yourself out of accidents, although that is a major benefit of learning to drive this way. Defensive driving protects the vehicle from being worn down, keeping it from use it was not intended for, including going too fast, going offroad and more. Defensive driving allows you to protect yourself and the vehicle.

You may even want to consider taking a course as it will not only teach you the proper steps on how to properly and safely operate a vehicle, but also allow you to save on your insurance. A safe driver saves hundreds to thousands of dollars a year between fuel costs, wear and tear on the car, maintenance needed as well as minimizing depreciation.

Keep Up On Maintenance

Every car needs routine maintenance, not only to keep it on the road for the short term but also the long term. Instead of allowing the next oil change to be pushed back a week or two, get it done when it needs to be done. Skipping steps like this may not seem to have any effects on the vehicle, but it can internally, and routine maintenance can prevent major repairs that may be needed down the road.

Routine maintenance can also help you cut back on costs for fuel. Vehicles that have clogged filters and are not properly maintained tend to use 10% more gas than the same models that are well maintained. That may not seem like a lot, but if you add it up over the year, it can be hundreds of dollars or more.

Make A Monthly Routine

A very common and reliable strategy shared by owners of older vehicles is to make a monthly routine to care for and check on your vehicle. Once a month, these vehicle owners will inspect their Subaru, taking notes on things like air pressure in the tire, mileage, checking all the lights and more. They get the vehicle washed and waxed to protect the paint as well. It may seem like basic work and tasks, but by dedicating just a couple of hours a month to the care of your vehicle you can keep it running in top shape for years.

The key to getting the best deals on your vehicle is to actually keep it running as long as possible. If you can add an extra five years of use, that’s a lot of years with affordable driving you can take advantage of. If you want the best deals and selection of new and pre-owned vehicles in town, visit Giles Subaru at 6141 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503, near New Iberia, Abbeville, Youngsville and Broussard.