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Winter Car Care Tips in Lafayette, LA

Worried about the winter weather affecting your vehicle? Well, we’ve got some great information on how you can combat those freezing temperatures this season. These steps will help you ensure that your model has enough starting power, stopping power and more to fight the bad weather. To be safe this winter, make sure that you’re keeping up with repairs and maintenance on your vehicle. Check out our top four most important winter tips for getting through those tough weather conditions.

Top 4 Winter Tips

1. Switch Tires

Your tires are immensely important to how smooth your ride is this winter. And with every 10-degree drop this winter, your tires can lose up to a pound of pressure (Fahrenheit). Filling your tires constantly with air will give you an extra edge on surviving the conditions that winter brings. To go along with filling them up, switch your tires out during the season to better adapt to the surrounding temperatures. Those summer tires won’t fare well in the winter and will lose you traction while driving down the block. You’ll have a much easier time when trying to start or stop your vehicle in freezing conditions.

2. Keep Your Tank Full

You might be asking, why would I need to do this now? Well, with freezing temperatures becoming more normal in our forecast, having a full tank of gas will prevent your tank from freezing over. And if you’re wanting to take a long trip or just need to keep your car running for a little while, keeping a full tank will make that a lot easier.

3. Keep Cool with Coolant/Antifreeze

While gas is most important, another fluid that is vital to your car’s maintenance is antifreeze. Having coolant in your vehicle ensures that your engine won’t freeze while driving. Unsure if you have enough in your vehicle? Ask one of our certified service technicians when you’re in for a visit.

4. Have a Survival Kit

Be honest — you’ve always thought about what you would have in a survival kit. Now you’ll need one, just in case, to have as help if you’re ever stuck somewhere. Some items that would be important to include are flashlights, jumper cables, matches, a first-aid kit, warm clothing and even perishable food items.

Don’t let the weather beat you down! Your car, truck or SUV needs to be prepared for the winter season. If you'd like to learn more or need repairs for your vehicle, contact us today or stop by our dealership at 6141 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503. Located in Lafayette, LA, we look forward to serving our customers near New Iberia, Abbeville, Youngsville and Broussard.